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Entrevista a Christina Nguyen

I wake up, get up and walk through the day trying to keep my eyes open. Sometimes I get obsessed with places and stories and I fall in love with them as if they had a soul which I think they do. I like to take my walks in the unknown cities without having a map. And when the twilight comes, everything feels possible and nothing is quite certain. To me twilight is a perfect time to look for something special that was once lost on one of the darker streets of my life. Perhaps you have been to some of these streets too. Then if you look at my paintings, they will speak to you.

I like to work with oils and I’m trying to work with the texture in a way that at times the oil feels like watercolor… This is how I’m trying to put more air into my painting. And if there is enough air, there is a chance of flying which is a part of most of my dreams.
Christina Nguyen

waiting for the summer -Christina

Christina Nguyen

Hi, Christina! It’s a great pleasure to talk to you about your work. First, tell us a little bit more about you. Who is Christina and what she does?

Christina is also in the process of finding this answer, who Christina is…I think this is also a part of the living process – to search for the understanding of who we are and what we are here for. But I what I can say for sure already is that Christina is a dreamer, and a traveller. And I’m trying to live my dreams, and paint my dreams and dream my paintings, and see how I can reflect this vision of the world around me and see if this vision makes a meaning for someone else. I love painting and writing, because paintings and words are a perfect way of talking; you can speak to a stranger in the language of pictures and words and be understood fast.

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